Thank You, Jesus!


January 4, 2011 by bobet888

…taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he said the blessing, broke the loaves, and gave them to his disciples to set before the people…

Mark 6:34-44

One of the wonderful miracles Lord Jesus did was the feeding of 5,000 people out of five loaves and two fishes.

What does today’s gospel tell me?

It tells me to trust in the Lord completely. Jesus nourishes my spirit but the Lord also takes care of my basic needs as a human. I have proven countless times the Lord’s generosity towards me.

During the toughest crisis in my life, I always turn to God to rescue me. I never relied on my own abilities, I surrender everything to God. I offer my “nothingness” to Jesus, and Jesus will always make wonderful things out of my nothingness.

Jesus, thank you for your mercy and generosity. Thank you for your kindness and love to those who follow you. Thank you, Jesus!


One thought on “Thank You, Jesus!

  1. buttermilk80 says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

    By His Grace.

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