Jesus is my King

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January 6, 2011 by bobet888

…to bring glad tidings to the poor.

Luke 4 :14-22

January 6, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

Jesus is the fulfillment of all the prophesies. He is the Messiah. He is the promised King. But his own people couldn’t accept this. They were expecting a kind of king in splendour.

Jesus is the King of love and hope. Jesus is the King of mercy and compassion. Jesus is the King of truth and wisdom.

Jesus is the king who has a big heart for the poor, the oppressed, the captives, the blind. Today’s gospel brings me hope. And I feel glad knowing that I have a king who will step in during my helplessness and will bring me out of my misery.

We work hard everyday to provide for our needs, we don’t want to find ourselves lacking. We dream of becoming rich and be able to buy all the things money can buy. We became kings of our own selves.

Lord Jesus, teach me to submit myself to you as my King. Teach me to trust in you completely and never on myself. Make me realize that my being poor, oppressed and blind draws me closer to you. And to embrace my moments of helplessness, because these are the moments I will be greatly needing you as my Master and King.


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