Peace, Forgiveness, God’s Abundant Graces

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February 4, 2011 by bobet888

The following was taken from the Homily of our locai priest during today’s mass.

Grudge is a negative feeling which can result to killing a person. A sin is never a small sin, because it can grow eventually and after that it can kill a person.

John the Baptist only spoke the truth. And in so doing, he had hurt somebody’s feeling. And Herodias was one very hurt woman. She kept this grudge in her heart and since then, she planned to kill John the Baptist.

Truth hurts. But all it needs is acceptance and repentance.

According to Pope John Paul II: “If you want peace, offer forgiveness.” We can never have peace if we harbor grudge and desire vengeance. One sin can produce many sins, and like a chain reaction, a sin leads to another sin. A small sin when nurtured became a bigger sin that can eventually kill a person.

If we want peace, then we have to offer forgiveness. Because it is only through forgiveness that the effects of sins are healed. The act of forgiving is difficult. The world believes that being a Christian is a crazy idea. Because Jesus teaches us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. And Jesus further told us to forgive endlessly and without conditions.

Offering forgivenes is really difficult. Because as human beings we have limited powers. So we pray and go to church because God’s power and graces are overflowing. Saint Paul says, “where sin abounds, grace abounds more.” In the midst of sins we must never be discouraged. We must never think that the goodness of God is defeated. Because it is during this moment that the graces of God abounds too.

God calls upon us today to pray for this grace. If we truly desire for peace in our community, we must offer that sense of forgivenes on a personal level. Peace must begin in ourselves. The gospel is also an invitation for us to realize that violence is never a solution to achieve peace in our place. It is only through God’s grace of forgiveness.


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