Always Choose God

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February 8, 2011 by bobet888

You disregard God’s commandment but cling to human tradition.

Mark 7:1-13

February 8, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

We tend to choose the easiest task, the quickest way, the things we have been used to, the things of the majority, the things we are most comfotable with, the things handed down to us from generation to generation. And then we forget what really matters to God – our obedience to His will.

Lord, thank you for reminding me today to value God’s commandments above all. Let me learn not to make man-made traditions as excuses in not doing the will of the Father. Open my eyes so that I may always see God’s works in everything that is happening to me. Make my heart always sensitive to God’s mysteries so that I may have perfect understanding of his divine plan for me. Guide my thoughts, my tongue, my heart and my hands so that I may always be an instrument of God’s love and mercy. Amen.


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