In Jesus’ Name

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February 23, 2011 by bobet888

For whoever is not against us is for us.

Mak 9:38-40

February 23, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

The value of whatever good we do is never raised by despising the good that others do. And we can boast of our membership in any organization, movement, or club without belittling those who do not. No one – neither the disciples of Jesus two thousand years ago nor, we, His disciples today – has a monopoly of goodness and success. Let us break the boundaries of our constricted world. Truth is always greater than any of us. The real Christian accepts and recognizes this. A genuine disciple of Jesus welcomes the fact that goodness blooms and grows even beyond the borders of world we claim to own. The authentic sons and daughters of God sincerely respect God’s freedom in moving according to His desire and in choosing anyone He pleases to be an instrument of His goodness. This is humility before the greatness of God. May we have this humily always in us. Think: If God takes risks on you and me, why should He not do the same on others? They may even be better indeed. – Fr. Bobby Titco


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