Do You Really Love God?

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March 1, 2011 by bobet888

He that offers praise as a sacrifice glorifies me; and to him that goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.

Psalm 50

March 1, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

How much do we give back to God in return for His countless blessings to us?

Your first thought must be in terms of money. Yes, God requires us to share our resources with Him. But this act of giving tithes must be coupled with wholeheartedness. Giving the exact calculated amount grudgingly is not a worthy sacrifice to the Lord. But if we really love God, we will give back what is due him.

But there is another life’s treasure that we can share to God – our precious time. Time is gold. We may not be rich with money, but we still have time to earn it – haven’t you realize this when you wake up this morning? We may be facing a lot of problems lately, but God allowed us to be still alive today, giving us time to solve it.

How much time do we spend with God in prayer and in knowing Him? How much time do we spend doing what He wants us to do in our daily lives?

“If you love me, then get to know me better. And to get to know me, spend more time with me,” – somebody would demand someone who professes love.

If we love God, then we have an obligation to make him happy. We need to know him better – what he wants us to do – the things that will please him.

Almighty Father, thank you for this life. May I always make it a daily mission to make you happy – praising you for all your goodness and mercy, spending more time to get to know you, doing things that pleases you, offering sacrifices with all my heart and soul and most of all, loving you back in return. Amen.

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