Submit Ourselves To The Will of God

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March 19, 2011 by bobet888

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus.

Joseph could have said, “No.” Joseph instead said, “Yes.” Because Joseph said, “Yes,” God was able to speak through Jesus. God always needs our ‘yes’ so that Jesus may speak through us.

Joseph could have said, “Thanks but no thanks. Try another man, not me.” Instead Joseph, by cooperating with God’s will, said, “I am not worthy but I trust you.” Because Joseph trusted God, God was able to accomplish what He said. There is never a time when our trust in God is not required for God to accomplish what He promises us.

Joseph could have taken Jesus but not Mary. However, Joseph took Mary, and Jesus as well. When we accept Mary, we accept Jesus, too.

May we follow the example of Joseph who was silent yet said ‘yes’ and trusted God. May we love Mary more and more so that we may love Jesus more and more, too. May we devote our selves to Joseph so that we may love Mary and Jesus better.

by Fr. Bobby Titco
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