Hold on to Jesus, and Never Let Go


April 14, 2011 by bobet888

Whoever keeps my word will never taste death.


April 14, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

“Never seeing death” seems like an attractive prospect. We do so much to avoid hastening our physical demise: exercise, eating right, annual checkups. All of that is good, but the Lord is referring more to death in the spiritual realm than the bodily. Do we do as much there? Are we “keeping his word”? Every step along the path of spiritual growth is a step towards preserving and enriching the divine life he has given us.

Like Jesus’ opponents, we know many people who have died. They saw this as proof that Jesus’ words were those of a madman. But since we know that Jesus himself has risen from the dead, we know that he has the power to make good on his promise. The death of loved ones is a tough experience that is made so much more bearable by the awareness that heaven is waiting for us. Our faith needs to grab hold of Christ and never let him go.

– Father Steven Reilly, LC
Source: Catholic.net


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