Perfect, Limitless, Encompassing Love

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June 14, 2011 by bobet888

So be perfect,
just as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Matthew 5:43-48

June 14, 2011 Bible Reading and Gospel

Friendship for a follower of Jesus is neither familiar, comfortable nor safe. In others words Jesus fully expected his disciples to extend themselves to the poor, the outcast and strangers, people who were out of their normal and safe “circle of influence”. He expected his followers to bring the teachings of “The Way” to every place without discrimination or regard for what is safe and/or familiar. This stands in stark contrast to the way we have managed to define friendship in this age of technology. The practice of using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites is actually considered to be a valid mark of popularity these days. In society at large you often hear something like; “Family is more important than anything else to me, I love them to death.” We seem to measure our societal worth by devotion to family and quantity of our anonymous acquaintances. Although our affection for family the numbers of people we have on our social net work are not bad things, we need to keep our “Christian” perspective clear.

Out of the Circle
by Kathryn M. Cunningham, MAPS | Source:
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