God Be With Us Every Second of Our Lives

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February 14, 2012 by bobet888

“Do you not yet understand or comprehend?
Are your hearts hardened? 
Do you have eyes and not see, ears and not hear?”

Mark 8 : 14 – 21

February 14, 2012 Bible Reading and Gospel

The concept of God automatically instills a sense of awe in us, such that there is a need to bring things “down to earth.” We need to realize that the Incarnation is God speaking to us of His desire to be a part of our lives and not a distant being that we sometimes call on for help. Most images we have of God tend to set Him apart from us, out there somewhere. At best, the distance between God and us changes once in a while for a short period of time. This is not the God that Jesus presents to us. He is a God intimately involved in the daily issues of our lives — well, at least He is if we open our lives to Him!

Therein lies the issue at hand. Do we not see that God wants to be a part of our lives? And if we do understand this, why are we not letting Him into our hearts and lives? All the miracles of Jesus speak to us of basic aspects of human living — eating, healing and so on. This is a sign to us that God wants to engage us in all areas of our lives. The question that remains is whether or not we will allow Him to do this.

source: Understanding Leads to Believing by Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL – Kerygma Family Daily Bible Reflection         


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